Our Philosophy On Food – A Must Read

We have often considered how tiny seeds develop into large, fruit-bearing trees. How dry old branches bring forth succulent fruit – in abundance. Also, how earth and water and sun work together to bring forth food for the needs of earth’s creatures – in abundance. How natural foods have essential nutrients – in abundance.

Furthermore, how foods bring forth seeds – in abundance. And, our contemplations have forced us to conclude that the processes of Nature, besides being incredibly generous, are as miraculous as the processes that sustain human life.

Natural food is tailor-made to satisfy the needs of the life-miracle

Behind this super-abundance of mind-boggling evidence, we see a Master-mind and a master-design. Wherein the foods of Nature would be master-crafted for the needs of the human system. In other words, we see that natural foods were tailor-made to satisfy the needs of the life-miracle.

What can we expect, therefore, when we take Nature’s perfect foods and we refine them. When we ultra-heat treat them, genetically modify them and radiate them when we manipulate them and then put them back together in stupendous combinations that burden the system and that fail to meet the needs of life? Is it any wonder that those who depend on these processed and adulterated “foods” lose their vitality, suffer from chronic constipation. In addition, they develop systemic toxemia, soon fall ill, and soon fall prey to all kinds of mental, hormonal and systemic imbalances?


Does Science respect the vital needs of the life miracle

It is our studied belief that when science respects Nature’s Ideal, it is in fact true science. On the other hand, when “science” manipulates food for the sake of profits and solely in the interests of industry (shelf life, “mouth-feel,” convenience, and sales), and takes the vital needs of the life miracle for granted, then such “science” is no more than a brand of folly that is directly responsible for much of the human suffering that we see all around us today.

It is for reasons such as these that we stock Nature’s Choice products because they respect Nature’s Ideal. We believe that it is only by so doing that we can honestly claim to respect you, both as a person and as a customer. We believe wholeheartedly that you are a miracle, and that you are what you eat. As such, we accept the tremendous responsibility that devolves on us as suppliers of that which you eat.

Please rest assured, therefore, that whatever we distribute from our factory is in fact Nature’s Choice?

Bon appetite! We are at your service – always.

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