Overcoming Constipation The Natural, Correct, and Only Way

Overcoming constipation is simple – if you know how. While natural laxatives have their place, the ultimate treatment for constipation, is to remove the cause of constipation. Here is some sound, tried and tested advice on the causes of constipation, bowel management and colon problems.

How Helen overcame her digestive problem

Helen suffered from constipation and was dependant on laxatives from the age of six to the age of seventy-two. She then switched to a natural food diet. It was one that included an enough grains and legumes (rich in soluble fiber). She avoided the “white” culprits – white sugar, white bread, white flour, white rice, and hydrogenated fats and margarine (the “white” fats). And, she followed a few of the suggestions below, and her constipation problems were permanently solved.

Helen followed the only true and correct way to deal with constipation. That is, she removed the cause of the malady. When we do this, natural bowel function is usually the sure result. And the food we eat will be readily digested, absorbed, metabolized and eliminated – with great, energy-filled, good feelings as a sure reward.

If you are having a problem with constipation, we trust that Helen’s recovery experience will be your experience.

It’s highly unlikely that you will ever resolve your constipation problem unless you take the following points into consideration.

1. Drink sufficient water each day:


An adequate intake of water is essential for the promotion of bowel motility. If you are not drinking sufficient water in between meals (never together with meals), your body will be in a state of semi-dehydration. Also, it will not release a sufficient volume of fluids into the intestines to allow the fiber in your diet to swell and to soften. Water adds bulk to your stools – thus aiding elimination.

2. Avoid Food Preservatives:

Food preservatives work by inhibiting bacterial action. The problem is that preservatives inhibit the action of the all-too-necessary and all-too-important friendly bacteria. These bacteria thrive in the mouth and in the intestines and play a vital role in the digestion process. Thus, without even considering the many other potential hazards associated with the use of food preservatives, you should avoid them wherever possible.


3. Avoid Refined Foods:

As mentioned above, fiber is the food component that swells, softens, and adds bulk to the intestinal contents. Also, it helps the muscular contractions in the intestines to move food residues through the colon and out of the system. So, it doesn’t make any sense to use refined foods. That’s because such foods have had the fiber component removed in the refining process. You need to avoid foods like white sugar in all forms, white rice, white bread, white flour and white flour products. Furthermore, avoid “brown” products produced from white flour that has been “browned” by the addition of molasses etc. Hydrogenated products like margarine and common cooking oils are the most refined and adulterated of all processed foods. Avoid them and use natural alternatives instead.


4. Have a  Whole-Grain Breakfast.

Many people avoid breakfast, others only nibble. This is not a wise practice as it forces the body to draw from stored energy supplies. Your body  must draw the energy you produce from following a healthy, whole-grain breakfast. In this regard, we recommend the Nature’s Choice range of whole-grain breakfast foods including Luxury Wholegrain Granola, Wonder Crunch, Gourmet Muesli Crunch, Oat Bran, Barley Bran, Three-Grain Cereal, Seven-Grain Cereal, Miracles, Sorghum, Wholegrain Mealie Meal etc. A generous serving of fruit, a bowl of whole grain cereal, and a thin slice of wholegrain toast, and you are well on the way to an extremely happy, energy-filled day.


5. Consider Physical Obstructions:

If ever you have been extremely constipated in the past, and you eliminated under great pressure, blood vessels in the anal area may have distended and may have torn surrounding tissue. These blood vessels may be protruding into the anal canal and will thus restrict the passage of stools through the anus . These internal piles will cause all the symptoms of constipation – even when you’re not constipated as such. If the situation is not too serious, it can take following the appropriate recommendations for at least a month. Nature’s Choice Oat Bran and/or Molasses Bran are highly recommended for breakfast. The idea is to keep the stools very soft so that they can pass through the anus under a minimum of pressure and thus give the damaged tissue opportunity to heal – psyllium usually accomplishes this task most nobly.

6. Remember that meat, cheese, milk and yoghurt are fibreless foods;

and that, as such, the free or over-use of these products will promote constipation. Always use these foods in moderation.  And, always take them together with high fiber foods, such as fruit, vegetables or whole grains. (Remember, it is always best not to mix fruit and vegetables at the same meal – especially if you are experiencing digestion problems).


7. Remember that stress can give rise to constipation.

If we cannot remove the stressor, then we will need to take take appropriate steps to keep the bowels moving until such time as our life is less stressful.

8. Constipation can be a side effect of many medicinal drugs – especially antibiotics.

Thus, take appropriate steps to counteract the constipating effect of such drugs. If you experience chronic constipation, then speak to your prescribing physician about an alternative treatment or drug.


If you have heeded the advice given above, and you are still having difficulties at stool, then you should consider speaking to a qualified health professional.

Always work at regulating your diet and lifestyle until such time as intervention is no longer necessary.

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  1. marlinie Avatar

    Just attended a seminar by the association of dietetics in Go with your gut. True fibre is impt….powerful preso by Dr Ryenders on the goodness of ferments from yoghurt and maas….and their vast benefits that include lower waist circumference, better control of blood glucose and high blood pressure.

    1. Trish Avatar

      Dear Marlinie
      Sorry about the late reply to your comment.
      Thank you very much for the useful info
      We have begun to make our own Kefir to eat daily
      It is so good for us
      Have a lovely weekend

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