Recipe Of The Week: Nature’s Own Milk Shakes

milk shakes

As far as home-made alternatives are concerned, there is no limit to the variety of natural milk shakes that you can come up with if you have a high-speed blender.

Remember that you should “chew” these drinks to compensate for the work that the blender has done, and to make sure that your saliva is well mixed in with the “food” before it reaches the stomach (saliva – ptyalin – converts starches into simple sugars – and thus readies the food for further digestion in the stomach).

You can also add your favorite all-natural Ice Cream, or a little honey, to any of the following will produce “decadent” results – but make sure that this is only an occasional spoil – not a daily event. Small helpings are suggested.

Nature’s Own Milk Shake Recipes

Blend together any of the following.:

(1) 7 finely chopped Dates and cold milk
(2) 1 Apple, 1 banana and 1 glass milk
(3) Strawberries, honey to taste and milk
(4) NC Sultanas. banana and milk
(5) Peaches, banana and milk

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