Recipe Of The Week – Spread

Recipe Of The Week - Spread

If you are going to use a spread, it is far better to use whipped cream or thick cream, for in either case the fat in the cream has not been broken out of its globule.

Even when the cream is chewed with our food, the pressure created by the teeth is insufficient to break the fat out of its globule – with the result that the fat passes unchanged into the stomach where it is dealt with just as Nature intended. Discover for yourself just how much better your food will taste – plus your mouth won’t have have that fatty feel after your meal.

Of course, you will want to source your cream from the most reliable sources. Alternatively, we suggest that you learn to rely on the natural alternatives below: As a family, we have found mashed, salted avocado to be the perfect and the preferred substitute for butter.

Coconut Butter

1 cup boiling water
1 cup cooked corn-meal
One tsp sea salt
1 cup coconut

Blend all ingredients in blender. Add only sufficient boiling water to aid blender action. Pour into container and refrigerate.

Tomato Peanut Spread

2 cooked tomatoes
1 cup raw peanuts
Sea salt to taste

Blend together. Refrigerate.

Nut Butter

Nuts (any variety)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup water

Place water and salt in blender. Add nuts while blending, until right consistency is reached. Use flavorings such as vanilla, raisins, onion, mint, sage, etc. Store in refrigerator.

Almond Butter

Roast almonds in oven until light brown (about 1 hour in cool oven of 140C). When cool, place almonds in blender and blend until oil forms.

Bean Spread

2 Cups cooked beans
6 Tbsp tomato paste
1/2 tsp onion salt
1/8 tsp sweet basil
Garlic powder to taste
1/8 tsp oregano

Drain beans and blend until smooth, adding enough bean liquid to make a thick purée. Pour purée into top of double boiler. Add remaining ingredients (grind herbs into a powder before adding). Cook until mixture is thoroughly heated, stirring frequently. Chill.

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