Recipe Of The Week: Waffles


There is little to beat a whole‑food waffle, served with Farmhouse Ice‑cream and honey. Alternatively, you may serve waffles with a variety of healthy toppings.

However, beware of aluminium waffle irons ‑ especially those that have had the non‑stick coating worn off. Non‑stick waffle irons usually do not present a sticking problem, but if they do, use a little oil to grease the plates, then overbake the first waffle and discard it.

A nice variation to the waffle idea is to use a non‑stick `Contact Griller’ to prepare your waffles. This is meant for grilling meat, but it does a fine job on waffles. It uses the same principle as a waffle iron, but the plates have vertical grooves instead of the criss‑cross pattern of a conventional waffle iron.

Waffle Recipe

The following is a basic recipe which may be used as is, or to which you may add sunflower seeds, wheat‑ germ, other grains, rolled oats, bran, or chopped nuts. Add a little Nature’s Choice Healthy Baking powder (recipe on p.59 ) for an even lighter end‑product.

2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups water
1 egg

Blend together. Pour into waffle toaster or contact griller. Bake until well‑browned. Whole‑grain products must be thoroughly baked. A lighter waffle is achieved if the egg‑whites are beaten separately, and then the other blended ingredients are folded into the whites. Consistency may be altered by adjusting the flour‑to‑water ratio.

Waffle Toppings and Fillings

(1) Honey, cream and sliced banana.
(2) Banana, apple, and dates blended together with a little orange juice or water ‑ plus cream.
(3) Pineapple, peaches and a little water blended together. Serve with cream.
(4) Oven‑roasted peanuts blended with raisins and topped with whipped cream.
(5) Mashed paw‑paw, sliced banana, raisins, sunflower seeds and whipped cream.
(6) Scrambled egg that has been prepared with 1/4 tsp thyme per egg. Plus a home‑made tomato sauce.
(7) Mashed avocado sprinkled with dates and/or nuts.
(8) Avocado, cottage cheese (or mashed tofu) and minced dates, sprinkled with nuts.

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