Running: Morning vs Evening


The debate surrounding running has been raging for a long time. While many runners are convinced that a morning run is the best way to keep fit, for others it is just too much when an evening run will suffice. In this article we weigh up the pro’s and con’s to both in the hope that we can come up with a final answer.

A Morning Runner

Morning Run


– You get up early and feel like you get more done
– Run before the day heats up
– Seeing a sunrise is beautiful & inspires a great day ahead of you
– The roads are quiet & peaceful
– Races generally start early in the morning too
– You can run run before breakfast which means you won’t get cramps
– When you get home after work and you are tired, your run is done


– The lack of sleep
– You have to get up early and its dark; while everyone else is sleeping
– Its cold in winter
– Its dark

An afternoon/evening runner


– You don’t have to wake up early – you can sleep in
– Sunsets are just as cool as sunrises
– Its still warm and the sun is shining
– It clears your mind of all the junk that happened during the day
– You can have a glass of wine after a run because you don’t need to get up early


– Traffic is busy and sometimes you get home too late to run
– Its dark and not safe to run alone
– You are tired from a busy day
– You ate a late lunch and now need to wait some time before you can run

The jury is still out on which time I personally prefer to run, I seem to like both equally.

Maybe I am just a seasonal runner? I like running in the mornings in summer because the sun comes out early, but I also love running in the afternoon in summer because the sun stays out longer. I love winter running, because I find I run faster in the cold. I prefer running in the afternoon in winter because its dark in the mornings and my bed is warm.

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3 responses to “Running: Morning vs Evening”

  1. Colin Avatar

    Definitely an evening runner here.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      I would probably count myself as an evening runner too. I don’t think my energy levels are at their peak in the early mornings. Thanks for your comment Colin!

    2. Savannah Avatar

      HI Colin
      I am a morning exerciser. Too lazy and tired, in the afternoons, and evenings.

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