Strawberry Cocktail Recipe- With Rekorderlig

strawberry lime cocktail recipe

Summer is almost upon us as we can already feel the temperature rising. For those of you who loves a refreshing Summer cocktail, here is an easy and delicious new recipe made with Rekorderlig Cider you have to try!





rekordering cidersIngredients:
500g Sliced Strawberries
2 Lime, cut into quarters
2 Bottles of Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime
500ml Soda Water
Mint Leaves to garnish

Blend the strawberries and limes with a bottle of Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime.
Then use a sieve to strain the mixture and add the second bottle of Strawberry-Lime and 500ml of soda water.
Serve cold over ice and garnish with strawberry slice. lime wedges and mint.


The Various Flavours:


Rekorderlig: The Brand Story


Berättelsen om Rekorderlig Cider (The Story of Rekorderlig Cider)

Born in Sweden, Rek-or-dee-lig (as it is pronounced) was the labour of love of Swedish married couple Anders, Helén and their friend Håkan a little over 17 years ago.

Today, Rekorderlig Cider is a truly global brand sold in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The United States of America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Produktion (Production)

At its core, Rekorderlig is based on 3 simple words…. Taste, Taste and Taste! Rekorderlig is a semi-sweet, totally refreshing cider made from 100% European apples or pears.  These are crushed at their freshest to retain their best possible flavour. Rekorderlig is not from a syrup or from concentrate.

Our ciders are made with Europe’s most accredited spring water sources running in Boulder-Ridge river in Vimmerby. The well is over 130 meters deep with the river in its entirety, should you count all inland waters the total length is over 527 000 km. That equals a single trip to the moon – and half way back! Apple, Apple and Blackcurrant and Winter Cider are all Apple based. Our flavour’s all begin with a Pear base to which our beautiful fruit combinations are blended.

Every part of this production is routed in this mantra to create a truly superior liquid. The craftsmen in charge of Rekorderlig’s creation are from the 4th generation Åbro (Orr-Bro) brewery which has been brewing award-winning beer since 1856.  Rekorderlig has been made here since its conception and over 150 years of Åbro experience is evident in every drop of our cider. This love and attention to ingredients is the reason why consumers across the world have fallen in love with this Beautifully Swedish Cider.

Stil och servera (Style and serve)

In the same way the whisky category is spoilt with many styles of whisky, Blends, Malts, Irish, American, Canadian –  the cider category too has many strings to its harp. Rekorderlig offers consumers a sweeter entry point to the category from where consumers can either explore our flavours or the cider category in its entirety. The cider category has room for all flavours and styles as it creates the newest journey of passion and discovery for a consumer.

Why the iconic 500mL? Was it a carefully crafted ploy?  Was it a huge amount of research that pointed to it?  Neither!  The reason is simple, Rekorderlig was first served in a 500mL bottle due to the Swedish recycling restrictions. All Cider was served in 500mL bottle to aid in the governments commitment to create a green Sweden.

Still to this day Rekorderlig is served in our 500mL bottle. This not only created the fastest growing section of the cider category last year – 500mL SKUs – but also created a serve that consumer demand. Rekorderlig consumers expect to get their Rekorderlig in a 500mL bottle in the same way a Guinness consumer expects to get their Guinness in a tulip pint glass and who are we to deny them of this!

Rekorderlig Cider was born in Sweden but is loved worldwide. It is the perfect juxtaposition of progression and tradition, of dependability and innovation and of Sweden and now the rest of the world. Rekorderlig Cider – Beautifully Swedish



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  1. dennis Avatar

    The strawberry and lime is very sweet but the pear is amazing over ice.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Most definitely. A nice light Pear cider like this is great. Thanks for your comment, Dennis

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