Sleep Problems? This Could Be Causing Them…

There are many factors that can keep us from enjoying good, restful sleep, but most of them can be corrected without having to resort to drugs – which only ever work for a while and which can only ever be used today at the expense of a drowsy, drugged feeling and lost sleep tomorrow.

If you are having trouble sleeping, then here are a few factors to consider:

(1) The bloodstream may be acid, in which case we should work at alkalinizing the system.

(2) A heavy meal at night is sure to result in a period of wakefulness during the night, unless of course the body is totally exhausted. Overeating, and especially of the evening meal, is a major cause of insomnia. If you can have your main meal at lunch time and a light meal at night, you will derive great benefit.

Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for life
Try it just once and you’ll be hooked for life

(3) Those who cannot sleep could also be “stimulated” by the accumulation of static in the body (from polyester carpets, cell phones and PC monitors etc) in which case a bare-foot walk out on the grass just before retiring would be a grand idea – and one that will prove most relaxing.

(4) Polyester sheets, under-sheets, and pillow-cases sometimes rob more sensitive individuals of the ability to sleep soundly – and it may take them decades to find this out. Cotton sheets and pillow-cases are always a better buy.

(5) Mental over-stimulation from watching exciting TV programmes does nothing to help us to sleep.

(6) Beware of too much sugar and/or honey, especially honey that has been boiled. Boiled honey is extremely acid-forming. (Most, if not all, commercial honeys have been boiled.) Nature’s Choice Natural Honey has only been gently warmed.

Boost your energy with just 1 Tbsp added to a bowl of cereal
Boost your energy with just 1 Tbsp added to a bowl of cereal

(7) Mercury from dental amalgam fillings is also known to cause insomnia – and many other health problems. Warning: Do not have your mercury amalgam fillings replaced until you have carefully studied the above link.

(8) Cream should never be fried or overheated.

It may be used in a moderate oven, but never over a hot plate, as the excessive heat converts the fat in the cream. For some reason this can lead to a sleepless night.- usually only in the case of sensitive individuals.

Life can seem rather meaningless when we lose sleep. And, it’s therefore important that we make the necessary changes in order to get the sleep that we need. However, it’s important to remember that the rule is to remove causes and not to treat symptoms. Insomnia is only a symptom. It’s an indication that something in the system is out of balance. Also, it’s a sign that something needs changing. As far as possible avoid taking pills to drug yourself to sleep. For by so doing you are only ever treating symptoms instead of removing the cause. Reason from cause to effect, then make the necessary changes.

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