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  • The Benefits of Agave Flora

    The Benefits of Agave Flora

    Life Retreat is proud to stock the Agave Flora Prebiotic Health Supplement. Find out why we recommend it for a healthier lifestyle and discover the many proven health benefits of Agave Flora.

  • How To Improve Your Memory

    How To Improve Your Memory

    In this article, a group of experts give you their best tips to improve memory. We’d love to hear from you about the things you do to improve your memory, so comment and share at the bottom of the article. Michael along with Geoff Woo are co-founders of Nootrobox, which produces nootropics, compounds known as […]

  • Life Retreat’s Weekly Round-Up

    Life Retreat’s Weekly Round-Up

    The last few weeks have seen the beginning of Winter here in South Africa, but we’re to warm you up with our round up of the best giveaways, articles, competitions, reviews and more from the past week. Before we start rounding up, remember to check out our recently launched brand new lifestyle store, Lifestyle Shop […]

  • 5 Of The Biggest Benefits From Supplements

    5 Of The Biggest Benefits From Supplements

    The right vitamins and supplements are very important for good health, but they only work well if they are taken consistently. For those with vitamins they have trouble swallowing, and for those who struggle with bulky supplements, there are options. One of the best of those options is a chewable vitamin or supplement, which can […]

  • 2016’s Must Have Health Supplements

    2016’s Must Have Health Supplements

    Following the latest news on health supplements can be a full-time job. But everything you need to know about them is surprisingly very straightforward… 2016 is looking to be the year when people have access to the most effective supplements that have ever been produced. In this article, we will take a look at three […]

  • Top 5 Anti-Depression Supplements

    Top 5 Anti-Depression Supplements

    Depression is something that until quite recently was not talked about openly. Sufferers had to suffer in silence for the most part. So when things finally did change for the better those with depression had people to talk to that understood their condition and could sympathise. There were also new drugs they could take, “anti-depressants”. […]