How ACAI Berry Is Effective For Weight Loss

Acai Berry is an amazing superfood, with massive benefits to the body. But do any of us really know what an Acai Berry is? And where you can get your ‘Acai supply’. I decided to look into this miracle berry and see what it can do for one’s body!

The Acai Berry, looks very similar to the Blueberry, has all the various nutrients the Blueberry has, and more… This type of berry comes from a tree called the ‘Acai Palm Tree’ which grows in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Us South African’s are very privileged to be able to receive the Acai Berry in various forms of supplements.

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How Acai Berry Is Effective For Weight Loss:

  1. They are filled with Antioxidants.  These help fight harmful molecule, otherwise known as free radicals that often cause harm to the body, leading to various medical disorders.
  2. Full of nutritional benefits. On the majority of weight-loss diets/health kicks, you are instructed to eat berries, because of their low-calorie content, and high nutritional benefits that promote weight loss.
  3. Aids in beating the bloat. One way to start your weight loss journey is to get your digestion system working. Acai berries are known for helping with your intestinal health and helps minimise bloating, resulting in a flatter stomach.
  4. Helps suppress your appetite. Our busy and stressful lives leave us feeling burnt out and craving anything that involves food! Your stomach often tells you that you are hungry when in fact, you might just be bored, or stressed, or in fact just thirsty, which is detrimental to your weight loss journey. Luckily the acai berry helps suppress the appetite so your mind isn’t thinking about food all day.
  5. Faster Metabolism. Acai berries help fasten your metabolism, which results in faster digestion, and faster weight loss too!
  6. Increase of energy. Its time for you to get past that mid-day slump. Acai berry will help you get through your long day without feeling fatigued. We like to think it is a ‘slow-release’ energy source.

The Acai Berry is natural and does not cause any harmful side effects that ‘diet pills’ do. However, by taking Acai Berry supplements, it doesn’t mean you are going to start losing weight without changing your Lifestyle habits too. It is vital to eat nutritious foods and exercise on a regular basis.

Where Can I Get My Acai ‘Supply’?

Of course, fresh acai berries are the best option, however if you live in a country like South Africa where Acai does not grow, then it is very difficult to get your hands on the actual berries.

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    Please send me the price for the acai berry cleanse. Thank you Lynn

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      Dear Lynn
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      We no longer stock the Acai Berry cleanse but I highly recommend this pure Acai Berry powder
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      Combined with a fibre
      See more here
      If you combine these you can do a really good healthy detox
      Drink loads of water
      We are offering a Free Detox Booklet for Black Friday which you can download here

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