The Meaning Of Your Dreams


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

I need to begin by defining to myself what I believe dreams are. Daydreams are really what we visualize in a perfect world. We all have dreams for ourselves, and for those whom we care about. Dreams are generally positive and inspiring.

Through them we are able to visualize perfect pictures, or outcomes of our lives. Dreams are not goals, although often our goals can become our dreams. This is not to say that our dreams can’t come true. If we really believe in our dreams we can make them happen.

Dreams we have when we are asleep, are entirely different to daydreams. I believe that our dreams come through our subconscious. Whether we remember our dreams or not, it is a fact that we all dream when we are asleep. Dreams have meanings, and the best way to interpret them, is relative to the dreamer.

What Do They Mean?

Please share any dreams that you have had with us, that you can interpret, and let us know the meanings. Once in a while I am able to interpret a dream, that makes so much sense to me, but more often than not, I have no idea what the dream means, even if I look up dream meanings.

There are also loads of old wives tales about dream. The most common one is that if you tell someone your dream, it will never come true. So, if you have a bad dream you must tell someone, so that it will not come true, and if you have a good dream, then tell no one, to ensure that it comes true. The other one is that dreams are always the opposite. For example if you dream of someone dying, then you know that they are in good health.

The Meaning Can Be Discovered

For example, some of the assorted meanings of dreams, are as follows. Most of us have either dreamt about various animals on different occasions, and here are some of them meanings on what dreaming about animals means.

Often the animal that we are dreaming of us represents us in some way at that stage in our lives. Whether it be the look of the animal, its nature or its instinct.

Some Dreams Seem Ominous

An Ape means that your or someone close to you has “gone ape”, and needs to calm down.

Bats symbolize something that is unhygienic, or death of a family member.

A herd of cows symbolizes or need to be accepted into our society.

A fox symbolizes that someone around you is being cunning.

To dream of horse riding means that you are feeling in a position of power.

Of course, there are many, many more.





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  1. Marie Avatar

    I don’t dream often but when I do, I know that the dream is significant. Interesting reading about animals in dreams too.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Marie
      I am trying to be more aware of my dreams lately, as I really believe that they are significant

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