The Rise And Rise Of All-Inclusive Wellness Centres

Wellness is a way of life, not something that you can pick up and drop whenever you like. Since yoga exploded in popularity in the late 1980’s, wellness has been growing steadily. More and more people are subscribing to a way of life that allows you to be healthy in your body as well as in your mind. With this lifestyle comes a need for interaction with like-minded people in a place that caters for you mentally, physically and spiritually. This place is called a wellness centre.

Wellness centres are places that promote healthy living and disease prevention in a wide variety of different ways. They are usually staffed by a mixture of doctors, healthcare professionals, alternative medicine practitioners and health enthusiasts. Many centres offer both traditional and modern approaches to healing, so you can be sure to find one that caters to your needs, however specific they may well be.

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When I visited my first one early last year, I instantly understood the attraction, the reason why so many people are flocking to them. The atmosphere inside is unique. People chat about their likes, interests and dreams to other people who share the same way of life as they do.

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Everyone wants to help you with your personal journey, from the professional staff to the yoga enthusiasts, from the modern healer to the traditionalist. I walked in without knowing what to expect, and I wasn’t even sure I would learn anything. How wrong I was. By the end of my visit I had a wealth of new knowledge. I learnt more about Ayurvedic treatments, brushed up on my yoga technique and enjoyed a kale smoothie in their health cafe. All the while being surrounded by people who have dedicated their lives to wellness.

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What are the best wellness centres in South Africa?

When it comes to wellness, South Africa has the advantage of being one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Some of the best wellness centres are nestled in stunning locations, such as The Hydro in the Idas Valley. The Hydro is well-known for providing a range of holistic treatments to clear your mind and body. What’s more, you will be doing it in one of the most picturesque environments in the Western Cape.

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On the other side of the country, in Sandton, is Namaste Retreats. The programmes they offer are more medical and science based than The Hydro, with 7 day detoxes and 10 day intensive weight loss programmes. Both wellness centres have handy websites where you can see a full list of treatments.

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The future of wellness centres

2016 promises to be a big year for wellness centres all over the world. Ever increasing obesity levels across the globe have finally made people sit up, listen and do something about their health and the health of their families. Wellness centres are the perfect remedy for bad health, and I advise anyone to check out their nearest one. I promise you won’t regret it.






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  1. Sunny Avatar

    There are some beautiful ones in and around Cape Town. Scenic, blissful, spend five days.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Yes the Cape definitely has the best environments for wellness centres in my opinion.

    2. Trish Avatar

      HI Sunny
      I agree!
      Do you know of any that you can recommend to us and our readers to try
      Have a great day

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