To Bant, Or Not To Bant?


Should I go for the Banting diet? That truly is the question on the minds of so many. For the people wanting to lose weight, as well as for the people simply wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. All of us have different reasons to lose the weight. It could be due to health reasons, or just wanting to look good. But then there are some of us that do these things to please people, or to please the world.

For years, men and women have lived with this struggle. It is hard. You become so despondent and miserable that you don’t lose the weight but instead end up losing yourself and your personality. You pity yourself and gain more weight by making yourself feel better, eating what we call “comfort food”. The challenge is real.

Everywhere we find people battling with the struggle to lose weight, with all the different diet plans and tablets on the market. So I ask again. To Bant or not to Bant?

Dr Tim Noakes, sport scientist and local advocate of the Banting diet, appearing in court does not help the reservations of the sceptics. However, when we look at the success stories of those who do (and did) follow the diet, we find that there might be method to the madness.

A Banting Meal

We notice Banting restaurants opening in urban areas. We notice Banting options for burgers, pizzas and many more popular meals. The diet seems to have latched on to society. A diet that, in fact, dates back to the 1860’s, where William Banting wrote a booklet called ‘Letter on Corpulence’, addressed to the public.

In the booklet, he outlined the plan for the diet. A diet he found to work for him after many failed attempts at alternative diet plans. I doubt Mr Banting expected what was to come from his booklet. People started asking the question we use to this day, “Do you bant?”. Such was the popularity, that Nordic countries still use the word “banta” as a verb for “being on a diet”.

You Can Still Eat Your Favourite Foods

The sceptics remain, however. There are many that have a strong disbelief in the eating plan, labelling it plainly as “dangerous”. But science has not yet proven it to be dangerous or otherwise. We have read and heard of many success stories, while also reading of incidents where the diet was not as successful.

So if you are one of those millions of people battling with this struggle, a suggestion from our side.

Lose the weight to make yourself happy and healthy. If you do it to please the world it will never work because subconsciously you will be miserable. The diet has worked for many. But, if for any reason this was not enough to keep the trend going, the simple marketing around the Banting diet alone has forced the sceptics to start doubting. Consider trying the burger or the pizza in your favourite restaurant. Having marketed to the sceptics and providing many options to the believers, one thing is certain. The culinary establishments are definitely “banting”.

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