Too Hot To Sleep? Here’s What You Should Do…

Too Hot To Sleep? Here's What You Should Do...

Sleeping when you’re hot is not only very uncomfortable but, you don’t get the right amount of sleep you need because all that tossing and turning. The discomfort is not only fatiguing but you also get grumpy.

In fact, research has shown that there seems to be an ideal temperature for sleep. And, when this temperature is very high, it takes longer to fall asleep, and once asleep, the sleep breaks up or fragments and there is less dreaming. 

According to Dr Michael Breus, author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep, you sleep best at temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees. “That’s really optimal for sleep,” he says. But even with an aircon running all night, it’s not quite so easy when you’re living in SA! Therefore, instead of relying on the outside temperature to get you sleeping like a baby, here are four ways to help your system cool down despite the outside temperature…

Four ways to improve the quality of your sleep by cooling yourself down

1. Take a warm shower before bed.
2. Keep a bottle of ice water next to your bed. Have some before you go to sleep, and drink some again if you wake up.
3. Place a cool, wet towel on your forehead or on your pillow. Heat leaves your body most easily through your head so you can help your body get rid of heat by keeping your head moist.
4. Sleep under a thin sheet despite the heat to improve comfort when you’re sleeping. There’s something about covering that helps most people sleep comfortably.

Sleep is important for your overall health, so use these tips to make sure you’re getting the rest you need despite the soaring temperatures outside.

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