What Is TRE And Its Reported Benefits Over Time?


TRE evokes the tremoring or shaking of the Psoas muscle, which lies deep in the pelvis. This muscle stores all our stresses over our life-time.

If the Psoas muscle is not allowed to shake, it remains tight and constantly sends a signal to the brain and autonomic nervous system that “danger is still present”. Only a relaxed Psoas muscle alerts the brain and nervous system that danger is over and adrenalin no longer needs to be discharged.

Tremoring is the only(natural) way that this important stress muscle can release….and thereby inform our entire nervous system that we are now safe enough to relax fully.

Tremoring is our natural inbuilt organic mechanism that relaxes the Psoas and thereby turns off the adrenalin release from the brain

If we engage in repeatedly doing TRE, we are sending signals to the brain and nervous system that danger has passed and we do not need fight & flight chemicals. However it takes on average 3 months of doing TRE for 20 minutes 3 times a week, for this physiological and neurological change in the body to become permanent.

In order to de-stress and even achieve self-healing using TRE, the exercises need to be done at regular intervals (at least 3 x weekly), and for at least 3 months. In fact, the benefits are directly related to the number of times a person does TRE. The results keep improving over time.


These reported benefits are from observations over 6 years of working with South Africans, from all works of life and all backgrounds. Furthermore, they experienced facilitated TRE sessions (individual or group sessions) over a 6 week to 3 month time frame and tremored for 15-20 minutes at each session.

After 6 tremors (approx. 2 weeks)

*improved sleep pattern
*less anxiety

These changes last 1-2 days only and will return if tremoring stops
They are due to deep relaxation of the muscles used in fight and flight

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After 12 tremors (approx. 4 weeks)

*sustained calm and relaxation
*deeper sleep
*anxiety and panic dramatically improved
*hyper-vigilance and ADD/ADHD dramatically improved
*back and neck pain now mostly gone
*painful medical conditions such as headaches, arthritic pains improving
*more centred and focused with improvement in cognitive functioning

These further changes are related to shifts in the physiology with significant reduction of stress chemicals in the body. In addition, the brain and neural pathways are beginning to move from fight and flight primitive brain circuits to the neocortex where our executive function is optimal.

It is important to note that while changes are experiences and last for longer, they are not sustainable if TRE is stopped at this point.

After 18 tremors (approx. 6 weeks)

  • feeling grounded and centred
  • relationships improve all round
  • connectedness with self and with others is significant
  • general health improvements (due to lowered stress, improved immunity and lowered blood pressure)
  • improvement in mental functioning noticeable

At 6 weeks these improvements are becoming more sustainable and resulting in a different approach to life and relationships. However, if TRE stops at 6 weeks then there is a gradual return to tension in the psoas and stress related problems over time

After 36 tremors (approx. 3 months)

  • sustainable and permanent groundedness with the capacity to stay centred amidst chaos
  • resilient and bouncing back rapidly after emotional triggers
  • relaxed and accepting what is approach to life comes naturally
  • significant changes in all relationships due to increased connectedness and increased tolerance
  • calm, focused concentration with good memory recall
  • children with bed-wetting, ADD, ADHD and poor school performance improve by almost 100%
  • health changes in all areas are significant. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy are better due to lowered stress levels. Blood pressure is also lower. Asthma symptoms and chest problems improve significantly
  • creativity improves as brain function becomes optimal
  • people report feeling connected to the heart and able to enjoy life again

By 3 months the TRE changes to the brain, nervous system and physiology(stress chemical imbalance) sustain and the individual feels that their life has transformed.

Changes within these systems create the harmony and balance in the body described as homeostasis. At this stage it is unlikely that the organism will return to its former out of balance state. This is because the body now is able to “inform” the person when they need tremoring to shake off any new stress put back on the body. Going forwards you will usually be require tremoring 1 x weekly or more, in stressful situations or less often if leading a quiet life.

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Exceptions to the recovery times stated above were found in those who had severe past trauma, usually in childhood, resulting in much disturbance to the integrity of the body-mind eg with physical, emotional and sexual abuse. When a person wants to recover from past childhood traumas such as these, TRE would be a good adjunct to other (psychological methods) and requires expert facilitation.


I have not seen the same benefits in those attempting TRE alone using a book or DVD. This is because the nervous system requires another(grounded) caring “nervous system” to hold the energetic frequency to entrain to, in order to stabilise and heal fully. Doing TRE in isolation, people do feel more relaxed and calm because tense flexor muscles relax. What is unlikely to happen is the profound and permanent change within the brain and nervous system, the vagus nerve meditates. In other words healing from stress and trauma requires that an empathic therapist stimulates and supports the social engagement part of the vagus nerve.  (see Polyvagal Theory Wikipedia).

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