Why You Should Go Sugar-Free


I tried going sugar-free for a few days and going cold turkey was a bad approach. No coke, bread and cookies was like torture. So, I went back to my sugar eating habits. However, after having a proper reason- weightloss- I went on a sugar free diet again. But this time, I did it slowly. Guess what? I turned out ok. I don’t add sugar to anything anymore. And, what I’m very happy about, is the fact that I don’t crave it at all.

So, if you haven’t hopped on the sugar-free bandwagon yet, it’s about time you did! You absolutely have no reason not to. Especially after you’ve read the three main benefits you’ll reap when you ditch sugar.

Three good reasons why you should go sugar-free

You’ll give your heart health a boost

If you’re care for your heart, there’s a good chance you’ve probably read that taking too much sugar can increase your risk of heart disease. Researchers at University of California caution that the dietary guidelines for daily sugar intake limitations may be set way too high. For example, the US Department of Agriculture recommends that women should limit their sugar intake to 20g a day. But the scary thing is that most of us consume about five times that a day.

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Your dental health will be on point

Tooth decay, a common dental problem which can impact both your appearance and your wallet. It is a direct result of eating too many starchy and sugary foods, according to MedlinePlus. When you eat anything sugary or starchy, the bacteria in your mouth converts these foods into acids. Then, these acids bring problems like cavities and even tooth loss.

You’ll quickly lose weight

Did you know that one cup of sugar has a whopping 774 calories? According to statistics by the US Department of Agriculture, most of us who don’t think we eat much sugar actually do eat a lots of it. This is because of the hidden sugar in so many foods and beverages on the market. This is fruit juices to processed foods. Furthermore, when you add sugar to your drinks and foods, you’re making it a habit. It could be a little in your coffee but how many cups of coffee do you have in a day? What’s more is how consuming too much sugar can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. So, try swapping it out for an artificial sweetener so you can cut down on calories instead.

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