Will I Ever Sleep Again?

Will I Ever Sleep

Will I ever sleep again, I wonder as I toss and turn. Feeling exhausted, and panicking about how exhausted I will feel the next day, is not helping. I used to think people were ridiculous when they say they couldn’t sleep. Isn’t it human nature after all, I would question.

And, here I am, all these years later, and I can’t sleep. My whole life, I would fall asleep in front of the TV, or reading a book, then drag myself into bed, when the rest of the family went to bed, and in an instant I would be in dream world.

It all started a couple of years ago, when someone I knew was in an emotional turmoil, and she would call me at all hours of the night. I would answer her calls, and then worry incesantly, about her, until sleeping became a thing of the past.

The harder I tried, the less I could sleep. As much as I was anti sleeping tablets, I felt that my life would fall apart, if I did not sleep. After a couple of weeks of drug induced sleep, I realised that I had to do something healthy and holistic to get myself back onto the sleeping track.

What I would suggest is that you do as many of the things below as possible to break the pattern of insomnia. Then, slowly but surely, you can start using what works for you on an ongoing basis. Often sleeping problems are linked to emotional, or physical problems, and all of the below will help for these as well.

Will I Ever Sleep
Lavender can work wonders to help you sleep / image: Notonthehighstreet

1) Lavender works wonders. There are various ways in which you can use it. Make a little lavender cushion with dried lavender. Put a few drops on your pillow. Rub a few drops on your temples, and under your nose (if not too sensitive). Add lavender oil, bubble bath or bath salts to your bath (make sure it is natural, and not just a synthetic flavour)

2) Relax in a nice warm bath before bed, or take a soothing shower.

3) Ensure that your bed linen is changed weekly, and is always fresh and clean. Make sure your bed is made daily, before jumping in.

4) Use the best pillow you can afford. I have found that my new bamboo pillow is simply amazing, as not only is it anti allergic, but I can mould it into the shape that suits me.

5) Meditate. Preferably before you go to bed, but otherwise if you wake up, and can’t get back to sleep. This way you will feel more rested in the morning.

6) Chamomile Tea is the best after dinner drink. Don’t put milk and sugar with it, but if you wish half a teaspoon of honey will be perfect.

7) Do not have any sugar at night. Sugar gives us energy.

8) Play calming music when jumping into bed. If you use Google, you will find loads of music to download to sleep to. We have done this with our puppy , and it works wonders.

9) Avoid TV if possible, but if not, then dont watch anything with too much violence or action.

Will I Ever Sleep
Sleep Naturally from Solal is an all natural way to induce a deep sleep / image: Life Retreat

10) Herbs and vitamins work wonders. I have found them to be amazing. But, you will need to take it regularly for at least a month, before it is effective.

11) Develop a sleep routine. Try and aim at between 7 to 9 hours a night. Don’t sleep during the day to catch up on sleep.

12) Don’t drink and smoke. If you have a glass of wine with dinner, end it there and go onto the herbal teas, and water.

13) Change your diet, if need be. Aim at having a larger lunch, with a smaller supper.

14) Keep your bedroom conditions comfy and regular. If possible, have an open window for a little fresh air. The temperature must be comfortable, and not too hot. Close the curtains to keep the room darkish.

Article written for Life Retreat by Trish.

Please share this article and comment in the section below. Do you have trouble sleeping? What are your tips and fixes?

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  1. Sally Avatar

    I would suggest leaving everything EXCEPT for sleep out of the bed. Do all your reading, tv watching, laptop watching, eating and drinking for the rest of your house. Then when you get into bed your brain recognises that it’s time for sleeping.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Sally. I absolutely agree with you.

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