10 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

christmas gift ideas for men

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  Mother Teresa.  I have just begun my Christmas shopping.  My list to do is getting longer, and the time before Christmas shorter.  To save you some time, I thought it would be a good idea to put some gift shopping lists together.  All of the below items are for sale for under R130.00

All of these gifts are available on our website.  Click on the links below to order. Delivery time is stock dependant.  Our clients usually receive their orders within a couple of days or ordering.  We deliver/ courier throughout the whole of SA.  Most of these gifts are suitable for all ages, and great for women as well.

  1. Mens-toiletry-bag-300x211   Men’s Toiletry Bag

A fashionable dark grey toiletry bag for men. Use it to carry all of your essentials.





Galcier-Water-Bottle2.  Glacier Freezer bottle

The Glacier Freezer bottle contains a freezer gel that will enable your refreshments to be kept cooler for much longer. Innovative technology allowing you to stay properly hydrated.







Golf-Set-Main2-300x300                    3.  Golf Set

                    This Golf Set is complete with luxury golfing towel, four thick                                 wooden golf tees, an Eversharp golf pencil and golfing divot tool.                           The perfect gift for a husband or father.

Black-Mamba-Chilli-Sauce4.  Black Mamba Chilli Sauce

Made with cayenne chillies and fresh herbs, this Chilli Venom will strike any food with heat and great taste.

5.  Backgammon Set

This stylish backgammon set comes in black and white, with a metallic finish. A perfect gift for enthusiasts of the game, or for casual players. And at a great price.

image002.jpg 1

6.  3 Piece Gift Set

This 3 in 1 gift set contains three great items, finished off in a beautiful black presentation box.

EOS-Beard-Oil7.  Beard Oil

The woodsy, earthy scent of this traditional looking beard oil brings together the solitary notes of nature and craftsmanship. Its very hardy, masculine fragrance works well with the rugged scruff left behind after a lazy summer’s week.

EOS-Williams-mug-scheerzeep-e14320422213938.  Williams Mug Shaving Soap

A gentle formula that generates rich and luscious lather that can help you glide the razor easily with less irritations or cuts. Lather that lasts long and helps make skin and beard soft. Disc-like shape that fits easily in most mug sizes for shaving.

9.  Razor Memory Stick

Razor Memory Sticks are the gold standard for USB sticks. Coming in 4GB or 8GB sizes, and a wide range of colours, you can own yours today.

Aluminium-Cigar-Tube110.  Aluminium Cigar Tube

Conveniently sized, this Aluminium Cigar Tube is the perfect way to carry your cigars with you while travelling.


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  1. Chel Avatar

    I like the cigar tube. Great list! I’m sure a lot of men would love to have those items.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Chel, I have tried to make the list unusual, affordable and gifts that every guy would like

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