Is Your Calcium Supplement Hurting Your Heart?

calcium supplement

Bones need calcium. With age, calcium starts being dumped into the blood stream instead of carried into the bones. When calcium starts to build up in your blood vessels, it puts you at bigger risk of a heart attack. Read on to see how vital your calcium supplement really is for your health.

CaIcium is needed by the bones, but it doesn’t go to them automatically, all by itself. It needs to be carried from the bloodstream to the bones under the control of hormones such as estrogen. But with ageing, estrogen levels drop.

By the age of menopause there is not enough estrogen to carry and deposit calcium into the bones.

Instead this calcium is simply dumped into the blood stream where deposits build up as rock-like plaques… in the blood vessels and heart. Over time these calcified plaques cause hardened and narrowed arteries, increased blood pressure and they double the risk of a heart attacks according to research published in February 2013 by the British Medical Journal.

Luckily vitamin D, which is actually not a vitamin at all (it’s a hormone), is a surrogate calcium-carrier. Vitamin D facilitates the transport of calcium from the bloodstream into the bones. Vitamin D is further helped by minerals such as boron.

Solal Calcium

SOLAL’s Calcium Glycinate with vitamin D3 combines a highly absorbable form of chelated calcium and the most effective form of vitamin D, known as vitamin D3 with boron, into a single heart-safe bone-protecting nutraceutical.

Don’t compromise on your most important asset, your health. If you take calcium change to SOLAL’s Calcium Glycinate with vitamin D3. Because calcium belongs in the bones, not the blood vessels.

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Article by Brent Murphy – B.Pharm (Rhodes), MPS. SOLAL’s pharmacist.

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