Life Retreat’s 2015 Round Up


The last day of 2015 is here, and what a year it has been all round. In February Life Retreat was launched by three women; a mother and her two daughters. We all share a passion for health, nutrition, well-being & natural living.  Since then we have worked to bring the vision to life and make Life Retreat a platform for amazing blogs, beautiful products and so much more.

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To celebrate the end of the year, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite Life Retreat entries from the past 11 months!
Charity Initiatives

Part of our vision was to use Life Retreat as a place of giving, and so over the Winter months we organised a charity blanket drive. “Help Life Retreat To Keep SA Warm” is an initiative we have been running for a few years, but 2015 was the first year that Life Retreat played a large part.

The idea is simple: we manufacture tens of thousands of scarves and blankets and distribute them to various charities, orphanages, animal shelters, old age homes and more. We hire unemployed and disadvantaged men and women to help us manufacture such a large number.

We hope 2016 will be our biggest year ever for this charity initiative!

You can check out our Charity Blankets in our online store.

The Kids


Around SA

Life Retreat’s Online Store

The launch of our Online Store alongside our blog was one of many proud moments in 2015.

Another part of our vision was to create a store that sells hand-picked products, items that have been tested, reviewed and recommended by the Life Retreat team. These products cover a wide range of lifestyle categories, from Beauty and Makeup to Memorabilia, from Clothing to Technology and everything in between!

Among our growing number of products (almost seven hundred to date!) are things that have been designed by the team themselves.

Healthy Goodies


Designed by Life Retreat

Beauty, Make-up and Fashion

We have a dedicated team that all have shared passions, and we try to cover as much to do with a healthy and happy lifestyle as possible.

That’s why when it comes to product or range launches we are right there! We attended the Vince Camuto Summer 2015 launch, we showcased some of the most stunning make-up products available (Get The Summer Look With Becca Cosmetics) and we took more than a few health challenges (My Garnier Come Clean Challenge)

Tan Lab


Vince Camuto Range


Becca Cosmetics


It has been a year of new experiences for the team and we shared those experiences in what are some of our favourite blogs from the year.

Welcome To Onjala features some of the most incredible photographs of one of the most incredible places in Africa, The Onjala Lodge.



Onjala Lodge

Our journeys took us to Writing Retreats, Forest Hydros and even the R.M.S Titanic.




It is impossible to cover everything from the past year but we hope you have enjoyed reading just a selection.

We also hope you will continue to interact with us throughout 2016 – your comments and suggestions inspire us in new ways all the time.

Happy New Year!

The Life Retreat Team

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5 responses to “Life Retreat’s 2015 Round Up”

  1. Pratesh Avatar

    a wonderful achievement and I have been reading since august. Pratesh.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Pratesh
      Thanks so much for the complement. We love what we do, and really want to inspire others live healthy, happy and balanced lifestyles.

  2. dana Avatar

    Congratulations on this your first year! Onjalla looks baie pretty . Pity it so far from me

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thankyou, Dana! The Onjala Lodge is a beautiful place indeed.

    2. Trish Avatar

      HI Dana
      Add Onjala Lodge to your bucket list and vision board, and you never know you may get to visit there sometime.

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