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Changing Lives Through Changing Skin

derma for friday

We believe that owner of Skin ID, Sonette Donker is ‘Changing Lives Through Changing Skin’. She says ‘Healthy Skin Is What I Sell’. Everyone wants perfect skin, but do they know what lies behind getting that perfect skin? Chemical Peels. I visited Sonette in her Sandton Salon, where she works with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Anton Potgieter.  Read about my visit here.

Liquid Polenta And Fried Shrimp: Recipe Of The Week

This weeks recipe is all about sharing family secrets. As a family, the Montini’s favourite dish to cook is spaghetti al pomodoro basilico. It’s a firm favourite amongst all members of the family. But the Montini’s also shared their secret family recipe that has been with them for generations. Their secret signature dish is liquid polenta and fried shrimp. Click here for the recipe.

Who Is Sharing Your Pillow With You?


We need to tackle a sensitive subject here today. It’s about those horrid little dust mites that are living in your home, particularly on and in your pillow which is the perfect spot for them.

Scary thing about them is that they are so tiny that you can’t see them without a microscope. And really, you don’t want to because they are not a pretty sight. Keep reading to find out what you can do about them.

Weekly Mandala – How To Overcome Stress

mandala for stress
Stress is everywhere. Some people talk about it like it’s something you feel. Others relate to it as an emotion such as anxiety or frustration. From a feeling of explosion to worrying about an unexpected bill, it all comes down to stress.

But did you know that all these feelings can affect your mental health? Yes they can. And today I want to tell how how mandalas can help you overcome them.

WIN 5 Double Tickets To The Wedding Expo- Durban

The Wedding Expo®, created by founder, Amanda Cunningham, has become the premier national bridal marketing event in Africa and continues to grow each year. The Expo, created by founder, Amanda Cunningham, has become the premier national bridal marketing event in Africa and continues to grow each year. Click here for details.


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