Six Tips To Help You Beat The Monday Blues

Ten Tips To Help You Beat The Monday Blues

The first thing I say when I wake up on a Friday morning is “Thank God it’s Friday.” I wish I could say the same about Mondays. The beginning of five full days of early mornings and work, Monday blues are the worst.

Although commonly-shared, this mindset isn’t good for you. Being negative an the start of a new week can have a huge effect on your body! According to one study, you can experience physical stress when you think about the impending workweek. One other study showed that Monday blues are linked to cardiovascular troubles.

However, Mondays don’t have to make you miserable. Here are a few clever things I do to make my Monday mornings more tolerable…

How you can beat Monday blues

1. Don’t live for the weekends!

This is not easy, even I admit. However, it’s important to try to do things you love on weeknights too. It could require some planning, but it’s very possible!

2. Relax on Sunday evenings

Avoid overloading your Sunday evening with too many activities, otherwise, you’ll find yourself extra dazed and extremely miserable the next day. Instead, treat yourself to a long hot bath, a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine.

3. Don’t sleep in

If there’s one thing that will definitely help you kickstart your Monday, it’s getting up early! So, DO NOT snooze your alarm seven times before getting up. Get up early, make yourself a nice cuppa, do a little exercise or head to the gym and then start your day.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

You have to follow this rule especially on Mondays. Because you’ve been out of routine for two days, this is very important. It’s the best way to set the pace for the rest of the day. Have a bowl of warm oats or an antioxidant-packed smoothie to get your mind and body ready for the new week.

5. Treat yourself

This has to be little ritualised treat that you look forward to every morning. You could spend on a fancy latte or just buy a new magazine. The point is to have something to look forward to on Mondays which will make them feel a little less daunting.

6. Figure out why Mondays are so blue

It could just be time to switch careers. Very important point. Sometimes having a job that makes you dread waking up on Monday is worth changing. You might have to take a pay cut to be happy. It’s very possible to love your job.

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