Dry Body Brushing Health Tips

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With Spring in the air, most of us like to do a little something to improve our health. One easy, enjoyable way to boost your immune system, improve your body’s ability to push out toxins and feel more alive, perky and vital (the proverbial “spring in the step”) is through dry body brushing.

Dry Body Brushing Health Tips


Dry body brushing, also known as dry skin brushing, has been used for thousands of years already, and rightly so! Its benefits are numerous, and it’s a great way to feel like you’ve had a cup of coffee without actually drinking the coffee.

Obtain for yourself a body brush with natural bristles. It must be a brush and not gloves or sponges. Brushes are readily available online @ Lifestyle Shop Online and we will 

The best time to do your dry body brushing is before you get in the shower/bath in the morning, which is also probably when you most need that “alive and energised” feeling. As its name suggests, the skin must be dry.
Brush lightly over the front, back and sides of each limb. When brushing each leg, begin at the ankles and brush upwards towards the heart. One leg should take about 45 seconds. Then brush each arm from the wrists inwards towards the heart. One arm should take about 30 seconds. Then brush the stomach lightly in clockwise circles. The whole routine should add three and a half minutes to your morning.

Do this every day and even into your 80s.

dry brush

The skin should go slightly pink but not red, and there should be a feeling of nerve endings waking up. As you become more proficient and start to feel the spring in your step, you might like to watch some short videos about what it is and how to do it more thoroughly. I have given the “beginners guide” here.

Care for your brush and keep it away from dogs/kids. Dip it in soapy water once a week and leave it on a light windowsill to dry out from the sun. The windowsill should also be high enough to be away from dogs/kids!

If you don’t look after your body, where will you live?

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